Discovering The Origin Of Your Favorite Campfire Stories

campfire-1585353_640Have you ever sat around the campfire and told stories with your friends and family members? If you have, you may have noticed that a lot of people repeat the same stories. Where did these stories originate? Why have they stayed popular for so long?

There are many different origins for campfire stories. Some popular stories, such as stories involving wendingos, are based on ancient Native American myths. Others, such as the tale of the man with a hook for a hand that escaped jail, are popular urban legends.

If there is a story you love, here’s what you can do to learn more about it:

Find Different Versions Of The Story

There are a number of books that collect these classic campfire story. Some of them, such as the popular “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark,” series, discuss the history of each tale in the back of the book.

If you find the right book, you will be able to discover many different versions of these classic spooky tales. You’ll be able to find out where these stories came from, and discover how they endured the test of time.

Other Ways To Research Stories

In addition to reading books, you can find more about classic campfire stories on the internet. There isn’t information about every story, but there are some tales that are widely discussed.

Search for a story using the title that you’re most familiar with. Before long, you should discover many different versions of the story that once haunted you.

People have told haunting tales by the dark for centuries. Some of these campfire stories have been passed down over the years, while others have been largely forgotten. If there is a campfire story that you love, you should try to learn as much about it as you can. Make sure that no one forgets it in the future.

Three Essential Snacks To Take Along With You While Hiking

best-workout-food-easy-homemade-protein-barsSnacking while hiking is definitely necessary, especially if you’re going to be heading out for quite a long adventure. Chances are there won’t be a popup dining restaurant nearby. Ideally, you want to pack non-perishables, but there are some great natural snacks to pack. There are also great recipes to make. Everyone knows how important hydration and packing extra water is for hikers. On the food side of things, it’s all about the protein.

As you can imagine, protein bars would be a great choice. Don’t worry, there are some delicious ones, and while you’re looking at protein bars, consider the ones that are meal replacement bars as well. How many hours or days are you going to be out hiking? Before getting to the next major suggestion for must-have hiking snacks, let’s talk about a few recipes you can take on if you want to get creative.

For example, when it comes to those protein bars, you can make your own. You can whip up some peanut butter protein bars that require no baking at all. What about enjoying a little coffee flavor? There are espresso protein balls that you can make as well. Or, how about some cinnamon bun protein bites?

Anything featuring nuts is good, so the second suggestion you have coming to you is a can of mixed nuts. You can make anything you want, but when it’s time to keep it simple or pack extra supplies that are durable efficient space savers, a can of mixed nuts is ideal. A third suggestion is beef jerky, a favorite snack for many travelers.

Again, whether or not you’re on a day hike or a long-term, multi-day excursion, you need those snacks. The three staples mentioned can be packed as extras if you’re also wanting to take along some fresh baked goodies. Just remember to get to those fresh baked goodies first before they start to expire while you’re out there hiking.

Follow this recipe:

The Ozark Mountain Range

samsthrone017lozarks-630x420The Ozarks are not a mountain range like the typical range that people think of. Instead, this is a mountain range that is going to make it easier for people to remember that not all the mountains are made the same. What makes this mountain range unique is the location of it, but also what all it offers for people to do that is going to provide them with natural entertainment for years to come.

The location of the mountain range is in the more centralized part of the United States. This in its own right will make it more enjoyable for people, but it also makes it easier for people to access the region. Something else is because of this location it allows the region to have more of its own type of climate system and this makes it easier for people to have the different seasons, but also know the weather is going to vary.

Natural beauty is something else people are going to enjoy when they are here as well. Usually people do not think about this when they are thinking about the Ozarks. However, this is one of the most beautiful regions in the country and it is an area that people are going to fall in love with. If for no other reason they are going to fall in love with the region because of the type of animals that are present in the region.

When people are looking for a unique place to travel to, they may want to learn more about the Ozark mountains. By learning about these mountains it is going to be easy for people to have a great time and know they are going to a mountain region that has all the weather patterns, but also has natural beauty people want to see.