Preventing Youtube Videos From Being Demonetized

The YouTube community found itself in a state of panic after YouTube decided to become transparent about some of its actions, a move that inadvertently raised fears of videos getting demonetized by YouTube. Being demonetized implies that your video will no longer earn money irrespective of how many million views it may have. Since some YouTube members make a living from this site, their fear is entirely understandable. However, you need not panic. Just follow these guidelines, and you’ll never have to worry about demonetization. One more important thing is the subscribers. Keep your subscribers engage. Even you can use and other social media with Social Media automation tool to manage all the social media. Those social media resellers are convenient to keep in touch with your social media followers.

Familiarize with YouTube’s Community Guidelines

Quick question; how often to you take the time to read a website’s terms and conditions before signing up? Just like many other people, your answer is probably “never.” Well, that is a habit you must break with YouTube. Before uploading any video on YouTube – particularly for-profit – take the time to read the YouTube’s community guidelines. YouTube usually has stringent rules regarding violent, sexual, or otherwise graphic content. Uploading such videos on this platform could mean that you’re likely to miss out on ad revenue.

Understand the Role of Advertisers

So how do you get demonetized by YouTube? Well, the truth is that it has very little to do with YouTube but more to do with the advertisers. The forced banners and ads you always see generate the ad revenue for YouTube, and that’s how YouTube manages to pay users who create accessible content. A lot of advertisers want exposure on some videos more than with others. In most cases, viral videos, family-friendly videos, those relevant to their brand and that go viral on the Internet are what most advertisers want. On the flip side, advertisers also have the right to distant themselves from videos that are not in line with their requirements.

All in all, the YouTube’s transparency policy means good to everyone. Provided you are mindful of content, adhere to all policy changes and follow the rules; you have no reason to panic.