Tips For Getting Rid Of A Roommate With Bad Habits

Are you sharing a living space with someone who you can’t get along? Do you feel stressed in your own home? Well, as much a nightmare as it can be, getting such a person to leave is also worse. Here are some fantastic tips to help you get rid of your roommate effortlessly and looking for a roommate again.

Reviewing The Lease
Before you think about kicking your roommate out, you need to examine the contract on record. Are both your names on the lease? Is your name the only one on the lease? Is your roommate the only one present on the lease? Don’t forget to check the lease for any terms addressing any changes or problems presented by roommates.

If your roommate is not present on the lease, you can ask him/her to leave the property effortlessly. You can always negotiate terms to determine the exact date when your roommate is leaving to make the whole process easier for both parties involved. It’s prudent to put these terms in writing too and make your roommate sign the document to avoid any issues in the future.

Involve The Landlord
It’s tough to kick out your roommate if he/she is on the lease. Therefore, in this case, you need to include the owner. You can negotiate the terms of the roommate leaving among yourselves, but you need the landlord to agree to it too. You might be forced to sign a new lease where you are the sole tenant or leave room for future amendments when you choose to share a room with other roommates.

Start The Eviction Process
If you have followed all the procedures above and your roommate still refuses to leave, you have the right to initiate an eviction process. If necessary, you can hire an attorney for the process to make sure all the legal requirements are met.